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Let's Talk x Pathways to Success

As our second topic, we wanted to ensure that ambitious students and young professionals develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed education and career choices. Let’s Talk hosted a Careers initiative to educate and encourage career path development, and foster entrepreneurship in local youth through Day-in-the-Life videos and a guest panel session.

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Opening Hours

Meet Our Panel

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Team
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Michelle Eaton

A communications and public affairs professional for close to 15 years, Michelle Eaton joined the OCC team in 2018 as Vice President of Communications and Government Relations.

Michelle brings extensive leadership experience from both the public and private sectors. She has provided strategic direction, vision, and advice on communications and public affairs strategies to executives in multinational Fortune 500 Companies as well as senior federal cabinet ministers.

Michelle has a BA (Hons) in Political Science and French from Western University as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration from Ivey Business School.

Born and raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario, she is also intimately familiar with the needs and issues of rural and small-town Ontario. Michelle currently resides in Toronto with her husband, Thor.

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Roian Shams

Roian Shams is a management consulting professional at Accenture Strategy with an engineering background. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and has been working in the business and technology strategy sector since.

Roian is passionate about working on C-level business challenges to address current needs, innovate future business models, and to align technology with business strategy to support and accelerate growth.

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Team Members
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Maseh Hadaf

Maseh Hadaf is deeply interested in pioneering innovative solutions for global health and socio-economic challenges that transcend borders, with a focus on his native Afghanistan. He is constantly seeking opportunities to disrupt, transcend, and evolve.
He graduated from the Global Health program at York University and is currently pursuing a masters at the Norman Paterson School of Internaional Affairs.
He worked as a junior health governance consultant for 6-months with the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine (through UNAC's IDDIP) and a three-month placement in Jordan for his undergraduate practicum with Jordan Health Aid Society International, who provide medical services for refugees.
He is the founder of the grassroots organization, The Ascend Network, and hosts the DeepTox podcast, where he shares ideas that change the way he sees the world. For Maseh, #BallisLife

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Brooke Crewson

Brooke Crewson is Administrative Coordinator at Ryerson's Diversity Institute and coordinates complex operations including arranging events, overseeing budgets, and liaising with staff to support the Academic Director across multiple projects.
Brooke holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University. She is currently an MBA candidate at Ryerson's Ted Roger's School of Management where she also acts as the VP of Events on the Women in Leadership Association.
Brooke has a wealth of government and campaign experience, having served in the offices of Hon. Carol Mitchell, the Hon. Chris Ballard, her Majesty's Government Caucus, and MP Julie Dzerowicz Office specializing in operations, stakeholder engagement, political organization, and volunteer management.

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Khalidha Nasiri

Khalida Nasiri is a medical student at Western University in London, Ontario. She studied psychology and biology at York University and did a Master’s in Epidemiology at McGill University. She has worked in the field of research, evaluation, and statistics and recently interned at the World Health Organization in Switzerland.
Khalidha is heavily involved with community, political, and health advocacy organizations and has previously interned for Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau.
In 2018, she founded a national grassroots group called the Afghan Youth Engagement and Development Initiative (@ayedicanada), which aims to build civic engagement among Afghan youth and increase their opportunities for social and emotional development. Khalidha runs a blog called The Political MD, has published several scientific journal articles on global health and mental health, and has co-authored a book chapter on social neuroscience. Having come from a low income background, she is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underprivileged communities by addressing the social determinants of health.

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Karin Kazakevich

Karin Kazakevich is currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree at Osgoode Hall Law School and works at Dentons Canada LLP as a summer law student.
Karin aspires to support Canadian talent by pursuing a career in entertainment law.
Previously, Karin studied Media Production at Ryerson University and has worked as an independent producer on several projects from historical films to live award shows.
Karin is a vocal advocate for developing opportunities for creative Canadians and has started initiatives such as the “Vision Media Conference” to support young talent.
Outside of law school, Karin is an advocate and mentor for children and teenagers with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Team Members
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Neelofer Mansuri

Neelofer Mansuri graduated from York University with an Honours in Political Science and Philosophy. As the daughter of Afghan-Canadian immigrants, she is dedicated to serving newcomers and refugees through her volunteer efforts with a specific focus on empowering women and youth in Canada. Neelofer currently works with the Minister of Women in Gender Equality in Ottawa, serving as her Ontario Desk and Special Assistant for Operations, Event coordination and Stakeholder Management. Prior to her role in the Minister's office, Neelofer began her journey on Parliament Hill with her local Member of Parliament.
Neelofer has dedicated her time to community building and volunteering through several initiatives. In her role on political campaigns, she mobilizes youth and minority groups in civic engagement. As the founder of Vitality Sports, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding youth to pursue healthy and active lifestyles, Neelofer and her team raise funds for various charitable organizations in Canada and around the world.
Aside from her volunteer and work experience, Neelofer was chosen to be a delegate in the Miss World Canada competition of 2015, where through her platform of raising a voice for minority women and women of diversity, she was able to break down barriers and stereotypes for Afghan and Muslim women alike. Two years later, in 2017, she was selected to be a Daughter of the Vote through Equal Voice.
Neelofer hopes to pursue Law school as her next step and work with organizations that encourage minority women like herself to get involved in politics and public life.

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Opening Hours

A Day-in-the-Life of ...

Let's Talk | Pathways to Success: Team
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Studio MEMA

An Entrepreneur

Art of Engineering

 Structural Engineer Turned Youtuber

Jonathan Siu

An Economist

Niya Abdullahi

A Data Analyst Specialist

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Tahmina Aziz

A CBC Video Journalist and Reporter


Frishta Bastan

A Writer


Central Asian Performer

Gazi Jebin


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