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Let's Talk | Politics


Let's Talk | Pathways to Success

Let’s Talk – Politics was a non-partisan venture with an aim to educate our communities about politics and encourage more active and engaged citizens. We wanted to make politics more understandable, provide resources to increase political understanding, raise awareness of different political plans, and provide knowledge about the 2019 federal elections.

 "Let’s Talk - Careers" in collaboration with Ryerson University Politics and Business Department hosted a Pathways to Success event, which will be a networking event aimed at educating students on different career paths. We prepared Day-in-the-Life videos that we  broadcasted at our event, followed by a Guest Panel session. The aim was to cover many different career paths in a wide range of fields, such as Business, Law, STEM, Politics and Arts.

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Let's Talk | Financial Literacy Series

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Let's Talk | Journeys in the Health Sector

Let’s Talk launched a Financial Literacy Series, aiming to educate young adults through providing crash courses from experts on a set of topics. The 10-episode series consist of short videos or “crash courses” to help increase financial knowledge and allow for more informed financial decisions.

With our "Journeys in the Health Sector" program, we hope to explore different paths that can be taken in one's journey towards success in the health field. Join us in learning from aspiring and experienced health professionals about their journeys navigating and succeeding in the health sector.

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